Bypassing the Politicians on Gun Control

As we watch the lawmakers scramble to make new laws to restrict our ability to defend ourselves and our families, it becomes clear that there are few politicians representing the people or the Constitution in this manner. Despite abundantly clear Second Amendment's restrictions, the politicians seem to not care. The politicians have learned from recent history that any controversy over their current actions will blow over and be replaced by the latest pop scandal in the press by election time. Furthermore, they know that litigation against their illegal laws will take years and perhaps even decades. To bolster their point they sponsor polls and tinker with the numbers counting on people to not understand what the famed historian Alexis de Tocqueville called the "Tyranny of the Majority." The sad fact is that the politicians know they will always have their armed security and so depriving the American people of theirs is a small matter to them. What is also becoming increasingly...(Read Full Article)