Book Review: The Long Road to Freedom

The Long Road to Freedom -- Cubanos in Wisconsin by Silvio Canto, Jr. and Gabriel Canto With the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the fall of the iron curtain more than 20 years ago, most Americans do not think any more about the threat from Communist regimes or how people lived in these societies when they were under Soviet control. Much closer to home, the Fidel Castro government in Cuba has just entered its 55th year. In this short but stirring account of why one family made the decision to leave Castro's Cuba, and how that family came to call Madison, Wisconsin, their new home, Silvio Canto has provided an unusual look at one family's travails and journey, which occurred while he was a young boy in Havana and then in his adopted country. Like many in Cuba, Canto's parents initially believed that the Castro regime would be an improvement over the dictator Fulgencio Batista, whom Castro replaced in power in early 1959. But it did not take long to see that one dictator had...(Read Full Article)