Bloomberg's Progressive Kosher Kitchen

Michael Bloomberg is determined to turn the metropolis of New York City into the progressive version of a gigantic kosher kitchen. The mayor now seeks to apply his politically-correct orthodoxy to the entire city, forcing his transmogrified politico/religious sensibilities on the masses. Over the last couple years, Bloomberg has banned the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, restricted the availability of baby formula to new mothers in local hospitals, forbade smoking in parks and open spaces, decreed the amount of salt allowed in restaurant food, forced fast-food restaurants to post calorie content, and declared restaurants could not use trans fats. Such is his fevered zealousness that he has banned charitable organizations devoted to feeding the hungry homeless from distributing loaves and fishes because the correct calorie count and nutritional labeling is missing or indeterminable. Apparently, the homeless need to know even the fiber content of what they are eating...(Read Full Article)