Beware Turkish Hypocrisy

Recent Turkish pressure on France and Germany regarding accession to the European Union heighten the need to question Turkey's strategic intentions and political identity. Is Turkey a moderate, pro-Western democracy? Or is it run by Islamists embracing policies and regimes hostile to the West? Turkey wants to be treated as a member of the West, calls itself "European," and expects EU membership alongside its NATO credentials.  But Turkey has dissented on key policy issues like Iran sanctions, antagonized the only Middle East country with Western values (Israel), and -- until the Arab Spring ruined relations with Syria -- courted many regimes dangerously opposed to the West. The Syrian war has undermined Turkey's "no-problems-with-neighbors" strategy and exposed its bluster.  In August 2011, Turkey threatened military action against Syria but only if other nations joined it.  In June 2012, Syria shot down a Turkish warplane over the Mediterranean. The Turkish response:...(Read Full Article)