'Assault Weapons' Bans Are Just the Beginning

With Senator Feinstein's gun control bill, another anti-gun deluge has crashed over gun owners.  After viewing her weapons ban list, I wonder if another rifle should be added: the Karabiner 98K, or 98K for short. On the surface, this rifle has zero assault weapon attributes.  In fact, it's well-suited for hunting, even though the Second Amendment isn't about that.  Start with it being a bolt-action -- i.e., the bolt has to be operated for every shot.  Hence, after a shot, the shooter operates the bolt, which ejects the empty shell and, upon closing, loads a fresh round for the next shot. It's loaded via a stripper clip which holds 5 rounds.  Bolt open, the clip -- not the magazine -- is inserted, and the rounds are pushed into the gun's internal magazine.  With the bolt closed, the rifle is loaded and ready to fire.  Since it holds only 5 rounds, this gun would be legal in New York, with its new 7-round-magazine maximum.  The rifle fires a...(Read Full Article)