An Unintended Consequence of Females in the Infantry?

There is a great deal of discussion going on right now concerning whether or not women should serve in designated ground combat roles.  Should women be infantry soldiers or not?  Articles such as that posted at American Thinker by Elise Cooper present numerous pros and cons, but, as with most such writings, the comments by readers are almost uniformly negative.  Most of those responding cite various problems that will arise if the Obama administration insists on pushing through this politically correct social experiment.  And most of those problems they cite are quite likely to occur in the opinion of this old combat infantryman. However, there is another problem that I foresee: senior female officers have pushed this issue of women serving in combat because they see the lack combat duty and combat command in their military résumés as an impediment to further promotion.  They may be correct.  But just because that is true in their situation, it does...(Read Full Article)