Al Gore, Futurist

Al Gore's new book is a partisan screed that pretends to be objective and thoughtful. Corporations, Wall Street money, and right wing Republicans are the villains. Problems created by the left are never mentioned or downplayed. For example the bankruptcy and impending bankruptcy of many states and municipalities because public employee unions wielded great political influence is completely ignored. The financial crash of 2008 is blamed on Wall Street while the role of the quasi-governmental corporations Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is totally ignored. Gore is not a serious thinker but a politician and self-promoter pretending to be a serious thinker. He has successfully wielded the power of celebrity to make immense amounts of money; for an occasional meeting of the Apple board $30 million, for selling his failed TV network to the sinister Al Jazeera, $100 million. Gore claims that technological progress is overwhelming us as never before. This is ahistorical. Such things as the...(Read Full Article)