Airline oligopoly advances as American and US Airways announce merger

Fasten your seat belts, the ride for airline passengers is going to get if not bumpier, more expensive. Completing this stage of the consolidation of the legacy airline sector, American Airlines, currently in bankruptcy, will merge with US Airways. In a short period of time, United has merged with Continental, Delta with Northwest, and now we have three giants, each aligned with one of the three global "alliances" that seek to consolidate and tame the world's air transportation markets. (A fourth big player in the domestic airline industry, Southwest Airlines, remains unaffiliated with a global alliance, and employs a slightly different business strategy.) One of the principal drivers of this consolidation is the corporate travel market. They want to be able to supply a comprehensive network, and grab all of the business travel a major player buys in a year. Atlanta or Anchorage or Almaty or Accra, just call us. We'll get you there (via our hubs and partners, if necessary), throw in...(Read Full Article)