A Tyranny Effeminate

Forget the present era with all its corrosion and absurdities, dear reader, and hearken back to days of revolution -- not our own, but another.  Look across the Atlantic, where tumult and hope birthed misery and disaster, and French patriots instead of alienating their king took him prisoner. Witness Carlyle's masterful account of the revolution: how French men, harassed and subdued by military patrols and martial law, sat cowering in their homes until food stores ran dry -- a time of great famine -- and their children began to starve.  No food in sight!  Children wailing in the streets!  Something must be done!  And yet, nothing could be done, for, broken-spirited and famished, poorly armed -- if armed at all -- and permeated by a sentiment of inefficacy, what could man do but wait and weep? Yes, man could wait and weep.  But amidst the desperation, a single voice was raised at the Café de Foy -- a shock to all, a woman!  Her husband had been...(Read Full Article)