A Sleepy Compliance with Tyranny

The subversion of modern education, and hence of modern civilization, is grounded in carefully designed manipulations of language, a kind of conceptual hypnotism designed to lull an incautious population into sleepy compliance with tyranny. One of the key terms in this mass hypnosis, a centerpiece of progressive pedagogy, is "individuality." This word, spewing from the crater at the peak of socialist educational theory like lava, has long since flowed down to the valleys and villages of modern life, incinerating souls and leaving in its cooled wake a thousand hollow cavities in the rock, where men once stood. The purpose of the pseudo-concept "individuality," like its various sister-terms, such as "authenticity" and "creativity," is to obscure the authoritarian goals of its purveyors behind a pretty mask of freedom. It is therefore understandable that the notion, meticulously planted in generations of young minds as a substitute for the proper ethical idea of "individualism," has...(Read Full Article)