Why We Have Guns

You never miss something until it's gone. The anti-gun advocates are varied in their purposes, but are uniform in their message: there is no reason to own a gun, or guns with certain attributes. When Mayor Bloomberg says, "we just don't need assault weapons out there", he is implying that there is no reason to have a weapon suitable for warfare. When Governor Cuomo says, "no one hunts with an assault rifle" and "no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer", he is implying that the only reason to own a gun is to hunt deer, and therefore the only types of guns people should have are the ones just suitable for hunting. The rest of the anti-gun advocates are perfectly happy to point out that no one in America needs to hunt to survive, implying that there is no reason to have a gun at all. Meanwhile, the gun rights advocates tiptoe around the primary reason for the existence of guns, and arms in general: to kill. Especially, to fight with and kill people, which is the exact reason laid out in...(Read Full Article)