Why Exceptionalism Matters

America is exceptional, despite what our current president may think. Asked whether America was an exceptional country, Mr. Obama famously replied that every country is exceptional.  North Korea is exceptional?  Castro's Cuba is fine?  Zimbabwe is great?  Really? Obama's response accords with the left's theory of universalism, whereby one's general allegiance to mankind outweighs that to any particular nation, including one's own. There are several major difficulties with that theory.  From a practical perspective, universalism is a dead end -- quite literally -- because there are always powerful adversaries who do not share one's soft-hearted faith in universal brotherhood.  The left's goals of unilateral disarmament and global equality play right into the hands of these powerful adversaries.  Only a nation that is incredibly naïve or blatantly suicidal would lower its guard in the presence of rising nation-states like China and fanatical...(Read Full Article)