When can we Kill our Neighbor?

The current fight for the soul of America is so very intense because for the first time since the Civil War some of the issues dividing Americans are truly about life and death. The deepest point in the chasm that separates liberals and conservatives today is defined by each group's beliefs on when it's okay to kill your neighbor. Your neighbor is, as Jesus said, everyone. America has always hewed to the Christian belief that we can only kill our neighbor in self-defense. Liberals believe that they can kill those who burden them. Liberals believe that it's okay to cause their mom to die of thirst if she's confused and a burden to them. Conservatives believe that we have a debt to our mother and that executing her to avoid our responsibilities is wrong. Liberals believe that killing their daughter is okay so long as she's young enough. Conservatives believe that killing our children is always wrong. Liberals believe it's wrong to kill terrorists without a trial while conservatives...(Read Full Article)