The Children's Hour

Thus far, the criticism surrounding the president's shameless exploitation of schoolchildren at the recent White House 23-Executive-"Actions" performance has focused largely on how wrong it was to use little kids as political props. Even more reprehensible though is staged propaganda falsely promoted as unsolicited 'Letters to the President' written from the hearts of vulnerable children. Therefore, based on the content, style, and an odd mix of childlike misspellings and decidedly unchildlike opinions featured in the letters, it's highly probable that four children were used as political pawns recruited to assist President Obama in "fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Here's an interesting coincidence: little Julia Stokes hailed from the Democrats' home base, Washington DC. Master Grant Fritz traveled from the blue state of Maryland; the vivacious Hinna Zeejah came to the nation's capitol from Oceanside, NY, where 55% of the residents historically vote...(Read Full Article)