Throwing the Rich to the Lions

The New Year has started well for Barack Obama. The president took a step forward in the ongoing process of "fundamentally transforming" America. As 2013 dawned, Obama accomplished a formidable set of goals: higher taxes for the majority, class warfare further exacerbated, and a public lashing of the prosperous for being prosperous. Along with Obama's victories, what was also revealed was how a wily leader could turn neighbor against neighbor, American against American. On New Year's Eve, Mr. Obama addressed the nation from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, complete with a cheering section made up of middle-class supporters. The meeting was a rally/gloating session for a man clearly pleased that he had successfully forced his political adversaries to compromise on raising taxes. As an added bonus, at the event Obama managed to further malign the affluent. Barack 'Braggadocio' Obama pointed out that the "fiscal cliff" crisis placed him on the brink of a huge political victory...(Read Full Article)