The Worst Five Years

As the mainstream media unabashedly cheered, Barack Obama was inaugurated for a second time as President of the United States. He and the American left, in alliance with the media, have it made clear that, in a second term, their primary agenda items are to permanently embed so-called "social justice" into the fabric of the nation and to destroy an enemy worse than radical Islam: the American conservative movement -- the fate of the country or the people be damned. They have already traveled a considerable distance in making life far worse for the average American as they follow in the failed footsteps of their ideological forefathers. A key feature of the old Soviet Union, and virtually all other unsuccessful socialist/communist states, was viewing the economy in five-year increments. Out of that came the much ballyhooed five-year economic plan as a staple of centralized or statist planning. Unfortunately, these plans always fell woefully short and often times the people of these...(Read Full Article)