The Real Problem with Healthcare

The massive flux of infected individuals to emergency departments during this most recent flu outbreak underlines an integral weakness of our healthcare system: the reliance on emergency rooms for minor, non-life threatening ailments that could be evaluated in a more appropriate setting, and even worse, the usage of the ER for no medical reason at all. Emergency rooms all across the country are bearing the greatest burden in dealing with this recent flu outbreak. Data for the most recent week show that over 800 individuals visited emergency departments throughout New York City. However, of these more than 800 visits to emergency departments, fewer than 100 required hospitalization. This means that roughly only one out of every eight people who sought care at an emergency department in New York City had an influenza case that directly or indirectly required hospitalization. Can you imagine how much more manageable this outbreak would be for hospital staff if only about 100 patients...(Read Full Article)