The Left's Inability To Be Civil

It was inevitable that the American left, and its mouthpiece the mainstream media, is now resorting to its usual mindless name calling, as they cannot intimidate the NRA and the bulk of the American citizens into meekly acquiescing to their so-called "gun violence" initiative.   The majority of the citizenry see this ploy for what it is: an attempt at further incrementalism with the ultimate goal of eviscerating the Second Amendment.   Therefore, the references to the NRA and gun advocates as racists as well as comparisons to Hitler and the Nazis are coming fast and furious.  It is as predictable as the sun rising in the east. This past week, Bob Sheiffer of CBS compared defeating the NRA to defeating the Nazis in World War II.  Not to be outdone Martin Bashir of NBC said the NRA "...deserved to be compared to Hitler."  Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) claimed:  "...they [NRA] cannot get over the fact that Obama is black."  And the ever...(Read Full Article)