The Hippocritic Oaths

This morning I heard Rand Paul, the Junior Senator from Kentucky, deliver an angry message to his colleagues. The subject was their failure to obey their own rules. He mentioned their failure to pass a budget in nearly four years. But his outrage was really triggered when he received a six hundred page bill to be voted on later that day. It contained some last minute provisions that nobody but Harry Reid is aware of---to the extent that Harry is aware of anything but his own vast ego and lust for power. It contained copious references to the more than a hundred million word document known as Federal Register and other mega documents containing the codified laws of the United States. These get amended every time new laws or regulations pass, often in unpredictable ways. There is zero chance that there are not filled with massive errors and unintended provisions.  It is likely that the total word count exceeds a billion. No Senator could possibly understand the bill in much under a...(Read Full Article)