The Falklands: Borrowing Trouble

The Obama administration may be opening the door for another war in the South Atlantic. Repeated diplomatic missteps about "las Malvinas" (the Spanish name for the island group) have encouraged Argentina's unstable political leaders to think this may be a time for action against Britain's Falkland Islands. The 1982 Falklands War should never have taken place. Then, the Argentine military junta led by Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri miscalculated disastrously. They thought they could march in and seize the nearby islands. They thought Britain would not react to a fait accompli in the South Atlantic. They thought the British government, headed by a woman, would not fight. They didn't know Margaret Thatcher. Argentina's military dictators didn't realize she was not called the Iron Lady for nothing. Britain's Prime Minister then instantly recognized the threat. It wasn't just that a group of rocky, barren, windswept islands inhabited by 1,200 mostly sheep-herding Britons had been seized. It was...(Read Full Article)