The End of Neo-colonialism

Outmoded political categories are prone to linger beyond their relevance to ongoing reality. One of these is the concept of "neo-colonialism," a term coined in 1965 by Kwame Nkrumah, who became president of newly independent Ghana. For him, formulating a modern extension of the argument of Lenin, neo-colonialism was the last stage of "imperialism." Inherent in this view is that the former colonial powers now use various methods to operate in other countries not only in the economic field, but also in the political, religious, ideological, and cultural spheres. They use innumerable ways to obtain objectives formally achieved by outright colonialism. Neo-colonialist theory was incorporated into the Non-Aligned Movement, (NAM) founded in 1961 by leaders of Egypt, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, India, and Ghana, and including the developing countries of the world. The movement was supposed to steer an independent course from either the Western or Soviet blocs in the Cold War, but its activity and...(Read Full Article)