The Antigun Movement's Bridge Too Far

Overextension is a classic way to snatch catastrophic defeat from the jaws of victory. Examples include Napoleon's invasion of Russia, Hitler's decision to start a war with Russia before he finished his war with Britain, and Operation Market Garden. The latter debacle was the origin of the phrase, "A bridge too far." Overextension is often the result of hubris, the delusion of invincibility as exemplified by Napoleon and Hitler. The enemies of the Bill of Rights have similarly assumed they could exploit the blood of the murder victims to revive an agenda that had been put down hard in 2000, but their resulting hubris yielded at least three irrevocably self-damning statements that should turn their opportunity into a catastrophe. This will not, however, happen by itself. If this material stays at American Thinker and on the referenced Web sites, it will do little good. We need to spread it as widely as possible via letters to the editor, personal contacts, and talk radio. We also need...(Read Full Article)