Ten Non-Religious Reasons to Keep Marriage Traditional

The New York Times posted an article about an evangelical who couldn't think of a reason, other than what the Bible says, to oppose same-sex marriage (SSM). In lively discussions, proponents of SSM tell me that only religion stands in their way. So let's come up with ten reasons to keep marriage traditional, without citing biblical commands. Granted, each reason by itself could become a book, but let's go over them anyway, as reminders and conversation starters. Take them for what they are. For the purposes of this article, a revisionist seeks to redefine or revise marriage. A traditionalist would like to keep it as one man and one woman. 1. To reproduce, nature favors heterosexuality, not homosexuality. Nature is savage and impersonal. I don't share her unkindness, so don't shoot the messenger. But at the same time it would be wise if our beliefs were to correspond and cohere with her. She's also called reality. Nature says all species must reproduce; otherwise they'll die out. For...(Read Full Article)