Tearing Down Public Education

On the subject of public schools, some conservatives and libertarians are inclined to speak as though they cannot wait another moment to spring into action -- and then act as though they need the hand of God to point the way ahead before they do what we all know in our hearts must be done.  This is not meant as harsh criticism.  These good people embody an innate human flaw defined for all time in one of our greatest archetypes: they are Hamlet. At a moment as historically important as this one, two all-too-human dangers lie in wait for those who understand the seriousness of the situation.  The first is that they should undermine their own cause with reckless outbursts and the resulting disarray.  The second is that they should cocoon themselves against the clear imperative to act by lamenting the lack of a perfect plan.  It is this second danger that I wish to address here.  The people I am talking about are men and women who know that generations of...(Read Full Article)