Sowing Hatred for Israel and Jews Among Japan's Intelligentsia

In contrast to the American presidential election, the recent election in Japan displayed better sense among Japan's electorate, a majority of whom voted the incumbent leftists out of office.  However, Japan continues to be afflicted by widespread leftist ideology among academics and the mass media.  One of its unfortunate fruits is pervasive anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment in Japan. One prominent advocate of anti-Semitism in Japan is the photojournalist Ryuichi Hirokawa.  I first encountered his work in the early 1990s, when I discovered that my women's junior college students were making use of his books to write research papers in a class I was teaching there about the Arab-Israeli conflict.  I had been baffled to read papers from the mild-mannered Japanese young women in my class condemning Israel and calling for the destruction of the Jewish state as the only solution to the conflict.  Investigating their references turned up the name of Hirokawa,...(Read Full Article)