Shed No Tears for the Rhode Island Professor

In the society gossip hub known as the Chronicle of Higher Education, which some academics still view as the gold-standard paper for college professors, there is a blog cluster known as "The Edge of the American West: History Can Save Your Ass."  Very classy, I know.  Sometimes my fellow doctors of higher learning make me so proud. One of the more rebarbative commentators on the "Edge" is Ari Kelman, who came out of partial hibernation to rally his minions in defense of Erik Loomis, a Rhode Island history professor.  Here's an excerpt: I'd like to add my voice to a growing chorus supporting Erik Loomis, who, as you may know, is now subject to a deeply hypocritical and craven witch hunt.  Erik Loomis tweeted about wanting Wayne LaPierre's head on a stick in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre.  He was upset about kids being mercilessly gunned down.  He felt that the best way to remedy the situation was to visualize a lethal pike, like the kind...(Read Full Article)