Sex, Human Nature, and Women in Combat

First, before we get to sex and human nature, let's get some necessary, but preliminary points out of the way: It's not necessary for the physical makeup of the military to be representative of the population and a military career is not a "right." How most other countries run their military should not determine how the U.S. runs its military - Let's suppose that you're a high school football coach, and you learn about some techniques or strategies used by the pros in the NFL. You may decide to adopt some of these into your own football program. On the other hand, if you're an NFL coach, and someone tells you about strategies used by his son's Pop Warner team, you might listen politely, but you'll probably disregard the advice. Similarly, leaders of the world's most powerful and effective fighting force, the U.S. military, don't need to listen to media activists recommending that we become a larger version of the Canadian military. Morale and unit cohesion are pooh-poohed by the left,...(Read Full Article)