Red Lines and Boiling Frogs

If one were to look at a pressure or temperature gauge, the red line situated towards its outer limit indicates a zone of danger or consequence if that boundary is broken or ignored in a concerted and repeated fashion. No machine can long withstand nor hold to its functional integrity if such warnings are flouted and the long term viability of such an abused mechanism would be a poor bet at best. In a republic such as we enjoy in America, a document that serves as a moral-political red line in securing human freedom is currently under assault by those who would destroy and remake our unique reciprocal relationship between ruler and ruled. The Constitutional covenant we have reverenced for over two centuries, a reasoned and wise explication that maximizes ordered liberty and restrains the accretion of power away from the unaccountable hands of the few, is under assault by forces that wish to reshuffle the deck and reorient the starting points of that fundamental relationship. And in...(Read Full Article)