Malpractice by Decree

Recently, Huffington Post published a serial panegyric in praise of ObamaCare by Drew Altman, Jeff Young, and Jeffrey Levi. As is often the case with Huffpo, fact and opinion can't be said to diverge as much as they never occupy that same space at any given moment. Kaiser Family Foundation CEO, Drew Altman Ph.D, completely missed the boat when he wrote, "the health care reform debate has not been about facts but about ideology and partisanship." That is not true, certainly not for MD-doctors. Medical doctors do not care about political labels, position vis-à-vis the aisle (right or left), ideology, or party affiliation. Good doctors care only about what works and what doesn't. The sicker the patient, the more we care. For decades, a critically ill patient named Healthcare has been treated by Congressional doctors-without-licenses. Now they are injecting We The Patients from a bottle of snake oil labeled ObamaCare. Healthcare is a critically ill patient, and sickness is a medical...(Read Full Article)