Pravda, Guns, and America

Has Pravda gone anti-Communist, as many of its opinion pieces suggest? First, let's just say that the hard-copy version is not the same as its digital namesake.  The original newspaper had been started by Lenin in 1912 and shut down by Yeltsin in 1991.  It was later restarted; it changed several owners, including some foreign millionaires, and in 1997  became the official organ of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. At some point during these troubled times, the online edition split from the paper version and left to seek its own destiny.  It is now shamelessly whoring for internet traffic around the world, in an effort to maximize advertising revenues. Even a cursory glance at the English and Russian digital editions (they have different content, tailored to their respective audiences) reveals a radically apolitical tabloid with a wild mix of real news, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and contradictory opinions, topped with...(Read Full Article)