Parsing Piers

Piers Morgan is one of many people who seem to think the word "murder" must always be preceded by the word "gun," even though "gun" is not defined as an adjective in my dictionary (Webster's Unabridged, 1976). Here is what he said in his interview with Alex Jones. "How many gun murders where there in Britain last year? ...It's actually 35 -- against 11,000 [in the U.S.]" A video of clip from that interview, as well as a good debunking of Morgan's statistics by Reality Check, can be found here. First, some straightforward fact-checking. Morgan said there were 35 "gun murders" in "Britain last year". There were actually 60 homicides by "shooting" in England and Wales in 2010/11 (a single year, the most recent data available). The actual number does not include Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are also part of Britain. That was an error of at least 42% on Morgan's part, even assuming no murders in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Source: Home Office Statistical Bulletin,...(Read Full Article)