Obama's No-Show at the OK Corral

And now president Obama has delivered his locked-and-loaded twenty-three point Executive Order for curing violence in America. Breathless previews predicted the president would call for a 21st Amendment copycat. Instead, Obama pledged to nominate an ATF Director, a position officially vacant but occupied by acting appointees since George W. Bush was in the White House. The One then ordered federal law enforcement to trace ownership of guns used in a crime -- no doubt inspired by "Handgun Crime Rules For Dummies". Twenty-one other air-pistol salutes followed. And he rested on the seventh day. Obama's confectionery press conference had a whiff of artificial vanilla, not cordite. From somnolent to laughable: imagine primary care physicians seriously diverting time from filling out Medicare reimbursement forms to asking patients about their gun ownership. Another line of worthless inquiries such as "do you ever have fits of rage?" "Well, doc, only when watching or listening to...(Read Full Article)