Obama's 'Evil Empire' Speech

If President Obama is truly the "Reagan of the Left," then it's only fair to ask: What does Obama consider "evil" and an "evil empire?" After all, since Obama's second inaugural address, commentators both left and right have been busily comparing Obama to Reagan. The Daily Beast: "[Obama] wants to do for liberalism...what Ronald Reagan did for conservatism." E.J. Dionne: "Obama's role model is Ronald Reagan[.]" Charles Krauthammer: "[Obama's] second inaugural address... is his self-proclamation as the Reagan of the Left." Besides noting the stark ideological differences of each president, most pundits agreed that Obama shares with Reagan not just clear articulation of the vision of his base, but a "transformational" goal -- to end the era of the dominant philosophy that preceded him. Dionne referred to the common objective of "long-term electoral realignment," which for Obama is the reversal of Reagan's political legacy. Many of the editorials were based on a comparison of Obama's...(Read Full Article)