Obama and the Restoration

The pith of Charles Krauthammer's commentary the other day on Mr. Obama's second inaugural address is thus: the president is the Anti-Reagan. Mr. Obama is the very embodiment of a long, focused, and diligent campaign by the left to delegitimize the "Reagan Revolution" and create a restoration plus of the old liberal welfare state. The president is sort of a left-wing version of Charles II. The jury's still out about Mr. Obama's liberal restoration having legs. Of course, who on the right doesn't appreciate the left's aims? For the right, there should be little doubt, with the benefit of four years' hindsight, that Mr. Obama is doing his single-minded level best to upend Reagan's accomplishments (both philosophically and practically) and earn a mantle beside or surpassing FDR in the left's pantheon. But Krauthammer writes for a broader audience. His assessment helps plant seeds of understanding, which, one hopes, gives more citizens a cause for concern and engagement. Krauthammer...(Read Full Article)