Lincoln Divided

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln recently received twelve Oscar nominations, more than any other film. It is also one of the most popular films of the year, grossing more than $145 million since its November opening. Praise for the film has come from both the left and the right, as Lincoln himself continues to enjoy nearly universal approval from both political parties. Obama, never one to shy away from invoking Lincoln (despite his own protestations to the contrary during a recent Meet the Press interview), once again will use the 16th President's Bible at his swearing in ceremony later this month, along with a second Bible that once belonged to Martin Luther King, Jr. Republicans too are never short on admiration for their party's first President. Until 2012, references to Lincoln outnumbered references to God in the official party platforms, and only now does God receive a slight overall advantage. Although Lincoln remains very popular, neither political party maintains his legacy,...(Read Full Article)