I'm British and Piers Morgan is Damn Wrong

Many Americans, since the Sandy Hook massacre, have been disgusted by Piers Morgan's snooty condescension toward their great country, and his blatant disregard for the Second Amendment. This culminated in his recent interview with talk show host Alex Jones, that ultimately backfired when his fiery guest wiped the floor with him. Since the shooting, Morgan has strutted around as the flag waver for gun control, pointing to his native Great Britain as the ultimate example of what these dumb, gun-toting Yanks should try and imitate. Not only did he use Britain constantly in his scathing editorial against American gun laws, but also repeatedly pointed Alex Jones towards the supposed low gun murder rate in the United Kingdom. As a fellow Englishman living in America, there is no reason I should not be on Morgan's side. I have spent most of my life in Britain -- the supposed gun-free paradise. While I respect the American Constitution I have no particular reason to be persuaded of an...(Read Full Article)