How to Destroy Science: Cast Self-Interest as Public Interest

Bruce Alberts is the editor of Science magazine, though it's not exactly clear what the 75-year-old Alberts actually does there.  The magazine is headquartered in New York, but Alberts is apparently headquartered in San Francisco. Alberts is obviously a scientist with broad interests -- or, depending on your point of view, a know-it-all who is spread very thin.  According to his website, he has managed to collect 16 honorary degrees and currently serves on 25 non-profit boards.  Yet this busy man still finds the time to lecture our political leaders.  He wants them to stop denying the science of climate change.  Apparently, Alberts thinks that the politicians should shut up and listen to brilliant scientists, like himself, who really understand these things. This is what the wise man said in an editorial in the December 21, 2012 issue of Science: It is deeply discouraging that in the United States, many political leaders feel comfortable denying the...(Read Full Article)