How Much is Too Much?

During the fiscal cliff kerfuffle the president and his acolytes succeeded in their quest to implement the divisive class warfare mantra of the 2012 election, i.e. impose further taxes on the evil rich. As that election battle proceeded, a basic tax question was often raised by many taxpayers -- not just the rich: "how much is enough"? Americans also voiced concerns over fuel costs, inflation, the cost of government, and how these costs might be reduced. Nevertheless, I believe that most Americans do not realize they are paying numerous "hidden taxes" to government. In some discussions a 50% maximum threshold for all taxes was mentioned (e.g. Sean Hannity -- almost nightly). Additionally, the Federal Government was cited as not the only authority with a hand in the taxpayer's pocket. It was pointedly noted that states, cities, and counties levied taxes... that real estate, personal property, estate, capital gains, fuel, sales and excise taxes were competing for pieces of our...(Read Full Article)