Hagel: Why Him, Why Now?

Love him or hate him, one thing for sure, this president loves a good fight even when it's not necessary. Take this latest nomination of former Nebraskan Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. As most people know by now, this controversial pick has stirred up a hornet's nest of controversy not only amongst friends of Israel on both sides of the aisle but also within the gay and lesbian community as well. Prior to his nomination, President Obama made reference to remarks Hagel made in 1998 about President Clinton's nomination for ambassador to Luxembourg, James Hormel. Hagel characterized Hormel as being "openly aggressively gay" and claimed it would inhibit him from doing an "effective" job. He has recently apologized for these offensive remarks but for those born earlier than the day before yesterday, including Hormel, the sting is still there. In a recent interview, the ambassador had this to say: "I have not received an apology," Hormel, who is a major figure in Democratic...(Read Full Article)