Gun Control and the Paradox of Liberty

The hatred of people leads to gun control.  I am talking about not the shooter's hatred, but the gun controller's hatred. Liberals have a reputation for caring about people -- an undeserved reputation.  They don't believe that people ought to live free and govern themselves.  Liberals like Harry Belafonte, Woody Allen, and Bill Maher have openly advocated that President Obama take the authority of a dictator.  Observe how liberal celebrities such as Sean Penn gush over foreign dictators like Hugo Chávez.  How many of your liberal friends own a Che Guevara t-shirt or poster?  Liberals hate people so much that they do not trust them to govern themselves. The dirty little secret that everybody knows is that gun control is not about stopping the bloodshed.  Even though an automobile does not have the specific purpose to kill, it has more killing power than a firearm.  According to the Center for Disease Control, cars kill more people than...(Read Full Article)