Good Ideas Grow Leviathan

Conservative voters wonder how the politicians they elect and send to Washington, D.C. invariably go native. These politicians retain the conservative talk but quickly forget the walk. Reasons given for the conversion of conservatives into big government supporters include desire for social acceptance, aversion to incessant criticism from the government media complex, pleasure in the perks of office, increased isolation over time from problems experienced in flyover country, ignorance of the impact of the unintended consequences from laws, and acclimation to the Beltway echo chamber. Perhaps the biggest reason that conservatives go native is they think the laws they have in mind are based on good ideas and the best of intentions. No one can doubt this. But consider there are trillions of good ideas and they are all waiting to be crafted into legislation. Christians subscribe to a worldview that this is a fallen world and that heaven beckons in the next life. Progressives are too...(Read Full Article)