Flexibility Comes Home to Roost

Political analysts, pundits, journalists, and even some lay people across the globe are questioning Obama's choice of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Hagel's impending nomination has been the subject of radio talk shows, cable news panels, and conservative and liberal columnists for a number of weeks now, reaching a crescendo on Monday when the official nomination was announced. The general consensus seems to be, "What in the world was Obama thinking nominating someone so controversial, who will entail the expense of major political capital when too many more important fights lie ahead, and whose confirmation is so questionable." Every single person who views the Hagel nomination from that perspective is completely missing the big picture, naïve at best, or ignorantly hopeful that an Obama second term will bring kumbaya camaraderie, bipartisanship, "co-existence," and the fulfillment of other left-wing utopian dreams. Alas, if the Hagel nomination does not wake the remaining...(Read Full Article)