Feinstein, Mass Killers, and Imagination

Senator Feinstein and her friends have a dream: to stop mass killings.  So they're on a mission: pass an Assault Weapons Ban (AWB).  They are as dedicated to passing the law as they are blind to its futility, because Feinstein and her friends have no imagination.  Worse, they don't think anyone else does, either. Mass killers also have dreams, and they, too, have a mission.  Mass killers tend to be pretty smart guys who usually plan their killings down to the tiniest detail, as meticulous as any fine print in Senator Feinstein's proposed law.  But, unlike Feinstein & Co., mass killers have imagination.  They adapt, and they improvise.  It's part of Mass Killing 101. One target of the proposed AWB is the so-called "high-capacity" magazine, such as the popular 30-round design for rifles.  Feinstein & Co. want legal gun-owners to have, at most, only 10-round mags.  (The law will not affect illegal gun owners.)  Many popular...(Read Full Article)