Farm Bureau Turns Against Small Farmers on Boneta Bill

The Boneta Bill is the most discussed bill in Virginia's 45-day legislative session that opened on January 9. It is not only terrific model legislation for protecting freedom, it is providing a great lesson about who is for liberty and who's not. It is a battleground between the little guys and gals versus jealous, territorial special interests and political insiders. The Boneta Bill, H.B. 1430, was introduced by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter. It is named after 'Pitchfork Protest' farmer Martha Boneta. The bill is noteworthy because it adds "teeth" to protecting freedom and property rights. Martha Boneta gained national attention last year for being threatened with fines for hosting a birthday party at her farm for eight 10-year-old-girls without a permit. She ended up paying $500 to appeal these charges brought by a testy bureaucrat with an agenda, who actually said on record that Martha was "out of line" for appealing. And bureaucrats wonder why people despise them. As outrageous as...(Read Full Article)