Encounter with a Low-Info Voter

I was engaged in a conversation regarding the future of health care in America when a third person (W) gave her opinion that she was happy with ObamaCare since her son could now get insurance. In New York State the cooperatives will not begin until Oct 1, 2013 for those without any other options. However, her son does not live in New York, where the state has provided Healthy New York insurance to those who qualify. We then had a conversation which I will relate. It demonstrates the severe problem facing our country resulting from the poor educational system we have underwritten for generations: I: Why do you like the federal system Obama helped create? W: My brother could not believe that I voted for Obama. He is a conservative Republican living in California. I am a registered Republican but we needed to do something for those without insurance. After all, Obama cares. What do you expect, I am a social worker and I care and must be liberal. I: Do you mean that the Republicans don't...(Read Full Article)