Drunk and Defenseless

Amid the recent maelstrom of stories that has been circulating regarding the Second Amendment and its place in American society, my attention was drawn to one seemingly insignificant Fox News piece about a winemaker, in protest, refusing to sell through the NRA Web site. I say this is a seemingly insignificant piece because there are countless people and organizations out there who hate the NRA, and adding one Australian winemaker to the list is hardly news. To me, though, it is significant in that it embodies the blatant hypocrisy and contradiction that can be seen in developed nations when it comes to the way their laws and their activist groups deal with firearms compared to the way they deal with addictive and harmful substances. According to the Guardian, 8,583 murders were committed with firearms in the U.S. in 2011. This is a lot of people, for sure. I do not deny the tragedy of this fact for one second. However, when I see people using these numbers to advocate either complete...(Read Full Article)