Dangerous Times: John Brennan's Black Ops

President Obama's second inauguration could have been a celebration of national unity, but already it has become yet another campaign to scapegoat and marginalize those who have dared to oppose Obama -- like the Republicans, gun owners, and Bibi Netanyahu, who was just accused by El Lider Supremo of not understanding his own nation's best interests. Obama is stunningly arrogant and ignorant, a radical ideologue in the mold of Malcolm X, but the US media pretend he is a normal US president. He is not. He is the most rad-leftist president in US history.

Netanyahu has dedicated his whole life to Israel's survival and welfare. His brother was killed leading the Entebbe rescue of hundreds of kidnapped airline passengers. Netanyahu's loyalties are not in doubt. He has never had to hide who he was.

President Obama instantly excused Egypt's Morsi, when a 2010 YouTube video surfaced calling for children to be indoctrinated in hating Jews and Israel; Obama is allowing Tehran to reach nuclear arms and missiles; but to President Zero, Israel is "a pariah" among nations.

Yet it is Egypt that is now imprisoning millions of women in Shari'ah jails. It is Syria that has killed 100,000 Arabs in the Arab Spring. The Saudis' desert oil empire is paying for radical Sunni conquests in Syria, Sudan, Libya and Mali.

It is Israel that protects human rights to the utmost. Yet in Obama's view it is Israel that is an outcast. Jefferson, Lincoln and John F. Kennedy would have called Israel a light unto the nations.

The next four years are going to be extremely dangerous for all our endangered allies who used to trust us -- not just Israel. In Asia we failed to even voice a protest when China seized thousands of square miles of disputed ocean floor in the South China Sea. We did nothing when Russia invaded parts of Georgia. We pulled anti-missile protection against Russian missiles from Poland and the Czech Republic. Yet Israel is the target of constant rage and scapegoating from this administration. This is morally perverse, but then moral perversity is now the norm in America. That is the meaning of the liberal coup d'etat in the United States. When the media openly question the right of Tea Parties to exist, they are telling us they really want single-party rule. That's why they want to abolish the free political opposition. They are political control freaks, totally contrary to American history and tradition. That is why they want to dump the US Constitution.

John Brennan is an open Israel-hater who was National Security Advisor for the last four years, in charge of White House-directed secret ops, and has now been nominated to head the CIA, the most visible post in the jungle of US intelligence.

Brennan is the covert operations meister for the most leftist administration in US history. Unless the US Senate comes to its senses, Brennan will be Secret Puppeteer in Chief. With characters like John Kerry and Chuck Hagel heading the anti-Israel parade, John Brennan is trying to slip under the radar.

Brennan's at NSA work wasn't made public, but he hasn't bothered to keep his opinions to himself. He is passionately pro-Muslim.  On his watch, Benghazi and Mavi Marmara took place, two black ops pitting Islamist gangs against secular regimes like Mubarak's Egypt -- which preserved the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty for 30 years.

Hosni Mubarak's predecessor Anwar Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood, a fact this administration chooses to forget. Mubarak is now out of power, in jail for life, and in the hospital. The three decade Egypt-Israel Treaty is in tatters. Iranian war vessels are transiting the Suez Canal to penetrate the Eastern Mediterranean. Rad-Muslim Morsi runs Egypt, and yes, you can find a YouTube where he calls Jews "descendants of apes and pigs," quoting straight from the Koran.

As for Christians, they are fleeing Egypt. The Coptic Church rose in Egypt centuries before Islam. Now they are pariahs, too.

In Benghazi we know the CIA was smuggling tons of Libyan arms to the radicals in Syria, using Al Qaeda in the Maghreb (Northern Africa), called AQIM. But AQIM wasn't happy with Chris Stevens, and decided to burn him to death. The local cops took off ten minutes before the attack, and refused to answer emergency calls from the Americans that day.

 The president is legally required to be notified instantly of any attack on a high-ranking US official, and Stevens ranked with a four-star general.  The White House therefore knew about the Benghazi attack within minutes. CIA had assets in the neighborhood and overhead, taking blow-by-blow pictures of the attack as it happened. The US military have so-called "In Extremis" rescue teams for exactly these kinds of assaults. They have standing orders to defend our own. Our Special Ops people on the ground laser-targeted the AQIM mortar crew that was bombing them, so that fighter jets could have killed them. But nobody showed up to help.

Only the White House could countermand standing military orders to protect our people. Somebody -- guess who? -- told all our assets in the area to stand down, contrary to all standard procedures.

John Brennan had to be in the loop. Other than Obama himself, nobody is more directly responsible for the bloodbath in Benghazi.

This is our nominee for CIA.

A decade after 9/11/01, planned and implemented by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, the United States hasn't wiped out AQ; no, we are helping AQ and other mad gangs to overthrow the comparatively sane Assad regime in Syria. Show us a gaggle of Islamist gangsters and we'll send them arms -- which will inevitably be turned against us. But that's ok with this administration. Can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs!

Brennan was our White House point man in sending arms to Muslim gangsters. When AQIM and its ilk killed Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, they were telling the administration they were not going to be bought. We are their ideological enemy, and they are a lot more serious than America is today. This administration learns from experience. Obama made up his mind to be pro-jihadist, as Caroline Glick has noted in the Jerusalem Post, and nothing will change his mind.  

Israel is only the Little Satan to rad Muslims. America is the Big Satan, the real enemy of Allah. We are therefore giving red meat to our own worst enemies. As Churchill put it, Obama is hoping the crocodile will eat us last.

Fat chance.

Crocodiles don't think that way.

Bribery doesn't work with fanatics ready to die for their reactionary cause. It will not buy off resurgent Islamic imperialism, 14 centuries old. Islam started by knocking over the two most civilized empires of Mohammed's time, the Persians and Byzantines. Mohammedan barbarians conquered half the known world in a hundred years, from Mecca to India. They invaded Spain and France, and later Russia, China and Eastern Europe. Everywhere they killed the defenders and enslaved women and children; everywhere they spread a new Dark Age. Women and girls were captured as sex slaves, some as young as seven. Mohammed himself raped more than a hundred female war slaves. Fundamentalist Islam is a sadistic eruption from the bloody past. It is desert barbarism amplified by modern weapons, oil billions and mass media propaganda. Our own media have already surrendered. They can't tell the good guys from the bad guys.

Ambassador Stevens was a CIA operative who helped overthrow Qaddafi of Libya, a wild man, but one who had surrendered his nuclear weapons to the Bush Administration. Qaddafi posed no threat. But never mind all that. NATO -- meaning Obama -- decided that Qaddafi had to go, and installed a radical Islamist regime that promptly screwed the United States to demonstrate its gratitude. We now hear that the Libyan regime is refusing to give the US access to one of the known leaders of the Benghazi killings. Is anybody surprised?

You may not remember the Mavi Marmara, but you should. The Mavi was a tourist ship bought by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan's Muslim party, and stuffed with street people from Istanbul and the provinces. Then the international media were notified to be in the middle of the Mediterranean with their cameras when the Mavi sailed against the Israeli arms blockade against Hamas in Gaza. When Israelis tried to rappel into the boat to divert it to a safe harbor, the Turkish rent-a-mob attacked and the journo-left just happened to there be on the spot. They took their videocams back to Europe and America with their stories all written about shocking Israeli brutality in attacking the Turkish peace boat. The left-o-journos took off so quickly they couldn't even keep up with what happened. But they had the story they wanted, because it was obviously another Israeli atrocity against the peaceful Muslims.

The Mavi incident has all the signs of a black op run by the Turks with US help. The signs are all over the place.

Code Pink and Bill Ayers were active in organizing the "Peace Flotilla" that sailed from Cyprus, to be joined at sea by the Mavi.  Code Pink is an outfit that claims to stand for women, peace, and love, just like Uncle Joe Stalin. Code Pink's Jodie Evans is a Chicago radical who bundled huge money for Obama. She visited the White House on half a dozen occasions before the Mavi incident.

Since the radical left wants to abolish Israel, it is likely that Jodie saw Valerie Jarrett and John Brennan. Code Pink helped to organize the international left-media to converge on the Mavi at the critical moment. Meanwhile Bill Ayers was in Egypt, organizing Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) demonstrations against the Gaza arms blockade.

The Mavi incident did not destroy Israel, but Hamas in Gaza began its massive missile attacks on civilian areas in Israel shortly afterward. Much greater damage was done to Egypt -- within months the "Arab Spring" occurred, mass demonstrations in Cairo were tweeted and facebooked from a Manhattan loft by one Walid Ghoneim, Vice President of Google Marketing in North Africa, who was celebrated by the New York Times for his unselfish idealism.  When Ghoneim flew to Cairo to speak to one of the "Spring" demonstrations, the MB's told him to go away. They won, and everybody knew it.

Why was Egypt the target of the CIA-Turkish coup plot? Because Mubarak was 82 years old and in poor health. Because failed states always break down with generational turnover. Because Egypt was allied with Israel to hold back the radicals who control MB and Hamas (its offspring). Because Mubarak's wife was trying to get her son into power after Mubarak's death. The political forces were stacked against Hosni Mubarak and the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, propelled by the MBs, the Sunni radical Turks, and US intelligence with John Brennan at the White House.

John Brennan is the pro-jihadi black ops manipulator who helped to set back the Muslim world to desert Islam.

In a few weeks from now John Brennan could be head of the CIA.

The Israelis should be prepared for CIA sabotage, political infiltration of the Israeli left, vicious propaganda attacks by Obama, and possibly stabs in the back -- by an American government that has been infiltrated by jihadist and radical leftist agitators.

Israel is today's scapegoat, but America is the real target. In a globalized world, morality and freedom have no geographical borders.  The civilized world is under attack, and if we don't want to fight it in Israel and elsewhere we have to fight it wherever medieval Islam is resurgent.