A (Not So) Brief History of the Gun

As debates about guns and gun rights in America rage, truly to understand the gun, one needs to look at its history.  The story of the gun is a fascinating and riveting look not only at history, but also at science, business, politics, justice, and morality.  Throw in a great deal of ingenuity, a good deal of heroism, and a small dose of romance, and the story of the gun is the world's greatest tale of human invention. The gun's story begins with the invention (or discovery) of gunpowder.  Gunpowder most likely was invented just prior to 1000 A.D.  It became rather prominent around the turn of the twelfth century.  Theories abound about who actually invented gunpowder, but no one really knows. According to noted historian Ian Hogg, "[t]he first positive statement relating to gunpowder appears in a document written in 1242 by Roger Bacon entitled On the Miraculous Power of Art and Nature.  Hogg also notes that since, during that period, "fiery...(Read Full Article)