A King among Christians

Now that another Martin Luther King Jr. holiday has come and gone, with all the predictable hoopla about who he was and why he's important, it seems only fair at some point to return Martin Luther King Jr.'s identity to its rightful owner -- Martin Luther King, Jr. himself. Since King's birthday was first celebrated as a national holiday in 1986, King's persona has been neutralized, sanitized, and homogenized to the point that he is now celebrated as everyone's hero for anything. Providing, that is, one doesn't bother much about the fact that King was a Christian minister. Every year, my kids dutifully learned that King was a great man, a man of peace. Every year the media informs that he was a great American who changed history. Peaceniks adopt him as theirs because of his dedication to nonviolent political action, and since 9/11 friends have sworn to me that King would never have supported Bush's Iraq War. Other friends are sure that King would have been the ultimate Pro-Lifer...(Read Full Article)