A Contrary View: Fiscal Cliff Deal a Win for Republicans and America

As a recent critic myself of Republican leadership, I would like to congratulate Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor and the entire Republican leadership in the House and the Senate.  They have succeeded in luring the President and his minions into a deal they will come to regret All the wise guys disagree with me.  Of course, the progressive media are crowing about President Obama's great victory.  They are touting his brilliant negotiating skills.  They are positively giddy with schadenfreude for conservatives. Yet what we're not hearing is that the Democrats have used every weapon in their arsenal...and they have now officially endorsed the validity of the core Bush tax cuts.  There is no sunset provision this time.  They got very little in return.  Forget the "$640B in tax increases to $40B in spending cuts" description.  It looks bad, but it is really a stroke of genius. Of course, there is plenty to suggest that we're not dealing with a...(Read Full Article)